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Candidate for Melbourne Mayor
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Dear Citizens:

I love Melbourne and am excited about the possibility of serving the City in the capacity of Mayor of Melbourne.    

I have been a resident of Melbourne for 31 years.

When I look at the organizational chart of the City of Melbourne, the Citizens are at the top. My concern will always be for the public safety of our citizens. Transportation services, improved infrastructure, managed growth development, crime and drug prevention, economic development, jobs, quality and quantity of our water, the environment, community involvement and outreach will be at the top of my list.

I am a Visionary, challenge-driven, successful professional leader in both civic and community arenas. I am a natural and persuasive communicator recognized for keen ability to energize and inspire individuals towards achieving a common goal and excel in creating consensus among divergent groups.

I have a proven and verifiable record of community service and the moral integrity and experience to serve the Citizens of Melbourne.  I will use wisdom in making sound decisions, be determined to work for positive changes for our city and offer great leadership with an open door policy to your concerns.

 I am asking for your vote on November, 8, 2016. 

Thank you,

Dr. Hazel Buggs
Candidate for Mayor of Melbourne 

"It's Time"


Dr. Hazel Buggs for

A Grass Roots Campaign