Candidate for Melbourne City Council District 3

Dr. Hazel Buggs

Dear Citizens,

I am campaigning for the Melbourne City Council District 3 seat which will be decided on November 4, 2014. I ran for this position in the 2012 Election and came in a strong second with over 10,500 votes, the highest ever received by an African American Candidate in this race.  I also received the majority votes in District 3 which I will represent.

The seat became vacant after the death of former Councilman Harry Goode and is temporarily occupied until the November 4th Election.

My community activities are many, especially appointed to serve on the Melbourne Downtown Redevelopment Advisory Committee to the Melbourne City Council for almost ten years.  I’m a licensed real estate agent and a prior business owner.
When I look at the organizational chart of the City of Melbourne, the Citizens are at the top. My concerns will always be for the public safety of our citizens, transportation services, improved infrastructure, managed growth development, crime and drug prevention, economic development, jobs, quality and quantity of our water, the environment, community involvement and outreach.

I have been a resident of Melbourne for 30 years and have a proven and verifiable record of community service and the moral integrity and experience to serve the Citizens of Melbourne.  I will be dedicated, devoted and determined to work for positive change and offer positive leadership and an open door policy to your concerns.  I want to serve you on the Melbourne City Council.  I am asking for your vote on November 4, 2014 to win. "LET'S DO IT AGAIN"

Servant Leader,
Hazel Buggs
Candidate for Melbourne City Council
District 3

" If I Am Elected"

Candidate for Melbourne City Council District 3

  • Work to increase economic growth and development through attracting commercial industries that are willing to invest in Melbourne and provide new jobs and services for all our citizens.


  • Work to support small businesses by providing an environment that will foster startups, growth and expansion and research alternative methods to reduce the size and cost of government while continuing to provide essential services which are important to our city, e.g., police, fire fighters.


  • Work to make sure our city continue to become a beautiful progressive city in which all residents, business owners and visitors feel safe and secure and believe their voices will be heard and respected and where a diversity of people will want to come live, work, play and raise their families.



  • Work to nurture the partnership between the citizens of Melbourne and our Law Enforcement to bring about more trusting relationships for a safer city.


  • Work to make sure the city remains environmentally safe with clean water and the river is free from contamination.
  • Work to bring positive changes and revenues not only to our downtown but to the south extended downtown and US1 corridor.


  • Work for safer communities, safe roads and streets, beautiful streetscapes, outstanding schools, libraries, modernized infrastructure and improved parks.


  • Work to have an operating budget that is efficient and cost effective and discourage new or increased property taxes.


  • Work to establish Town Hall Meetings within my District to hear the concerns of the people.



Work to improve the quality of life for individuals with HIV disease by
responding to their existing needs and provide educational and
behavioral strategies to targeted populations to reduce and prevent
the spread of HIV/AIDS.


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Contact Us

Address:805 Davis ST, Melbourne FL 32901
Telephone:321-794-4623 or visit at:
Vote:Tuesday/NOVEMBER 4, 2014